Bob has been wonderful to work with! He gives his full attention to you and really listens to what it is you are wanting to do. Bob & Pat together are fantastic!


Bob, it was a pleasure working with you. You are very organized and took the time to answer our every question. I like the way you presented things- written-drew pictures- etc.. This was very helpful in helping us understand and to make the thoughtful decisions needed to get to the end product we wanted. Thanks.


I was referred to Bob Martin thru a friend & after hearing the legal-layman explanation on being responsible with your assets, planning, and passing on to next generation, I was very pleased. My parents were blessed with many earthly possessions & my experiences going thru the process that “they” thought was good for “their” family did not happen, so I met with Bob.  He was extremely kind (in legal terms) explaining various estate planning, legal protection to make certain that my assets pass quickly to my loved ones at death avoiding the expense and delay of probate. He also helped me when I travel with emergency access to healthcare directives. I would highly recommend Bob to and everyone- Last word- never sign anything until you get legal advice. Make sure you understand the references.


We had a computer created will- now we have a plan that meets today’s needs and can be modified in the future when required.


Before we started the process, I assumed it would be difficult and depressing. In reality it was quite positive and satisfying. Our peace of mind is a definite plus.


Bob is an excellent teacher and allowed us to process our decisions thoroughly. Developing a trust raised some difficult questions and Bob’s guidance helped us arrive at answers that we feel are fair and comfortable.


Bob Martin has been great to work with. He is very thorough and conscientious. We appreciate the forth right manner he presents the information. It’s easy to understand and makes discussions effortless.


The entire process was very enlightening from asset identification, insuring all information was current, rethink asset preservation methods and to the plan for the future. The process makes you think things through and prioritize so you are assured that things will be handled in the manner you want when you are gone. Bob and his staff provide you with the tools necessary to ensure your estate is handled the way you want it to be.


Robert was a pleasure to work with, he explained everything very well, it all went well and fast, making sure everything is in order. He is very organized in what he does.


Our sessions were very informative and helpful. There was so much we didn’t know- but needed to be aware of.  I feel comfortable knowing my family will be spared hours of legal red tape after we are gone. I am extremely glad we set up a trust.


Very Informative. Very friendly attitude. Very concerned approach to everything. I feel that it was important for me & my wife to go through the whole process. I am thankful!


I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Bob & Pat through this whole process. Everything was explained to us in detail and was very understandable. When we had questions, Bob was very kind in going into more detail and explaining things a little more thorough. I enjoyed our time here and feel very good about getting this done.


It has been a great experience working with Bob, setting up our trust. He is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. He never made me feel any question was to small. The appointments were always made when we could come around our schedules. Great people to work with.


This was a very informational and helpful experience. There is so much to estate planning that we didn’t know or think about so it has been beneficial. Your patience in helping us try to understand has been appreciated.


After seeing the great benefit of having a trust when my father passed away, we realized it was time for us to start the process. It has been an enjoyable and very informative process. It gives us great peace of mind knowing that our family will not have to go through probate to receive assets. I highly recommend Bob Martin to anyone desiring to establish their trust. His knowledge of the law and professionalism are outstanding.


Bob helped simplify a very complex process. We have intended to establish a revocable trust for a number of years. Through the education and personal touch, they helped us get over our procrastination and build a solid plan for the welfare of our family.


Like most people we know, we have been procrastinating for years about preparing a Living Trust. That is, until my elderly parents took the initiative to get their financial affairs in order, prompting us to finally do the same. My parents’ Living Trust was an “off the rack” basic document prepared by an attorney who handled a wide variety of legal matters. Despite its simplicity it took nearly a year to finalize their living trust after dozens of revisions and corrections. Although we weren’t excited about the prospect of spending a year to develop our Living Trust, we realized the importance of this document and decided to take the first step by attending an informational dinner hosted by Bob Martin. Having been somewhat involved in the preparation of my parent’s Living Trust, I had a basic understanding of how these documents worked and felt that I probably wouldn’t learn much from the presentation. To my surprise, I learned more from Bob’s brief presentation than everything I had absorbed up to that point. It was clear that Bob was a specialist in the estate planning field and a subject matter expert. We scheduled our first meeting with him immediately. After just three meetings with Bob, we were sitting down to sign our beautifully bound and customized Living Trust. The whole process took less than three months. Bob’s teaching techniques are very effective. He has the ability to make the complex seem simple and he ensures understanding every step of the way. Perhaps more importantly, he asked probing questions and listened intently to our responses in order to fully understand our situation and wishes. As a result, we now have a legal document that encompasses our personal financial needs for the future and provided, in meticulously detail, for our loved ones after we are gone. Because life is “subject to change” it gives us great comfort to know that Bob and his team will be there to support our future needs as our circumstances evolve over time. We may never need to  modify or revise our Living Trust, but it’s nice to know that doing so will be simple with a long-term partner like Bob. My wife and I enthusiastically endorse and recommend Bob to all of our friends and family members.